FIZIO Vracar, in collaboration with SC Tasmajdan, has opened its center that provides services of sports, relaxation, and rehabilitation massages and treatments within the premises of the sports and recreational center Tasmajdan.


From Monday to Friday, the center operates from 09:00 to 21:00.

On weekends, only the massage center is open from 09:00 to 21:00.


FIZIO TAS offers various therapies that can help you with pain relief, facial tightening, body shaping, and recovery after intense training.


It uses high-frequency current for deep tissue heating and improvement of blood circulation. This therapy is highly effective in alleviating pain in muscles and joints, as well as reducing inflammation.

The Indiba device is based on Tekar technology and operates on an electro-radio wave frequency of 448 kHz. Indiba is used for chronic pain elimination and in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

The drainage effect aids in body detoxification. It can be safely used by individuals with metal implants in their bodies.


INDIBA therapy also has its application in aesthetics.

It activates cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation, and stimulates fibroblasts. It breaks down fat deposits, detoxifies the body, increases cellular metabolism, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

INDIBA is used for facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and body shaping.

4.500,00 RSD

INDIBA therapy – one treatment

7.000,00 RSD

INDIBA anti-aging program – one treatment

7.000,00 RSD

INDIBA anti-cellulite program – one treatment


FIZIO TAS is an institution in Belgrade that specializes in the rehabilitation of patients after fractures and surgeries.

If you require rehabilitation following an injury, we recommend underwater therapy. This therapy has a low impact on joints while providing excellent support for muscle strengthening and restoring body functions.

This type of exercise shortens the rehabilitation period and allows patients to recover much faster through pain-free water exercises.

Our physiotherapists are trained and educated in this type of rehabilitation program.

Underwater therapy is conducted for the following conditions:

  • After fractures

  • After Achilles tendon rupture

  • After anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery

  • After meniscus surgery

  • After ankle fracture and surgery

  • After posterior impingement and adductor rupture in athletes


Underwater massage is performed in special underwater massage tubs, in warm water at 37 degrees Celsius and under pressure ranging from one to two atmospheres.

It is highly effective for the recovery of athletes after intense training and exercise.

If the massage is performed at a 90-degree angle, it has a deep effect on the muscles, while if it is done at a 45-degree angle, it targets the subcutaneous tissue and helps eliminate cellulite and reduce fat deposits.

2.000,00 RSD

30 minutes

3.000,00 RSD

45 minutes


A system of exercises intended for preschool and school-age children for the correction of scoliosis, kyphosis, and the prevention of poor posture.

Our therapists can help you improve your body posture through exercises in water and on the floor, including scoliosis, kyphosis, and poor posture.

The exercises are led by physiotherapists and conducted in the pool and on gymnastic apparatus in the gym.

The focus is on stretching, muscle lengthening, and strengthening weakened muscles.

24.000,00 RSD

Monthly package – 12 terms

44.000,00 RSD

Two months package – 24 terms

60.000,00 RSD

Three months package – 36 terms


For those who want to get rid of cellulite and tighten their skin, we offer special anti-cellulite programs.

These programs combine different therapies such as electrostimulation and massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the skin’s appearance.

The anti-cellulite program includes a combination of multiple agents that target cellulite and achieve excellent results in its elimination and reduction.

The program is conducted in 4 cycles of 3 days each.

On the first day, we perform wood therapy and manual massage.
On the second day, electrostimulation is done in combination with shaking exercises.
On the third day, hydro massage is performed.

FIZIO TAS offers a premium package called “Anti-Cellulite Premium“ which includes wood/manual massage, electrostimulation in combination with exercises, and hydro massage.

30.000,00 RSD

Anti-Cellulite Premium – Package of 12 terms

25.000,00 RSD

Anti-Cellulite Manual Massage – 10 terms


Within the FIZIO TAS rehabilitation center, we apply various forms of electrostimulation using rectangular pulses from Chattanooga wireless and Compex devices. With them, we achieve pain reduction, muscle stimulation, and muscle strengthening.

After intense training, we implement the Active Recovery program to eliminate metabolic byproducts that occur during exercise and reduce muscle inflammation.

3.500,00 RSD

Kinesiotherapy – one treatment

25.000,00 RSD

Kinesiotherapy – Package of 10 treatments

40.000,00 RSD

Kinesiotherapy – Monthly package of 20 treatments

3.500,00 RSD

Electrostimulation – One treatment

25.000,00 RSD

Electrostimulation – Package of 10 treatments


If you are an athlete in need of assistance with injury recovery or want to improve your performance, our center also offers special exercise programs for young athletes.

These water-based exercises are ideal for strengthening muscles and enhancing balance and coordination.

By combining INDIBA treatments, electrostimulation, pool exercises, underwater massage in post-training and match treatments, we facilitate accelerated recovery for athletes after intense physical exertion.


We implement a program for young athletes where we focus on elasticity, flexibility, injury prevention, and overuse syndrome.

The exercises are conducted by physiotherapists and take place in the pool and on the gym apparatus.

We work on stretching, addressing shortened muscles, and strengthening weakened muscles.

3.500,00 RSD

One treatment

30.000,00 RSD

Monthly package – 12 treatments


This program includes a combination of isolated exercises for the glutes along with electrical stimulation and Indiba, which achieve exceptional results.

The exercises are focused on tightening and increasing the tone of the gluteal region.

The effects of exercises with electrical stimulation and INDIBA are quickly noticeable.

25.000,00 RSD

10 individual treatments

20.000,00 RSD

10 treatments for couples

15.000,00 RSD

10 treatments – three in a group